Three button Stick Reader Downloads


Image of three button stick reader

The Shearwell Three-Button Stick Reader is a rugged, weather-proof EID reader with enhanced functions designed specifically for animal health workers.

  • Light, sound and vibration when a tag is successfully read.
  • Large, backlit display screen.
  • Memory storage of 16,000 tag numbers.
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries.
  • "Alarm" feature to flag specific EID numbers in a herd.
  • Add comment codes to any tag.
  • Connects to computer by USB or Bluetooth.
  • Links to phone apps and Bluetooth printers.
Download SDL440S user manual - English Download SDL440S user manual - French

Desktop software

SDL Connect links the Shearwell stick reader to your computer. Connect by USB or Bluetooth to transfer tag numbers, change the stick reader settings, or switch between English and French.

When you download the software, choose Save File and once the file has finished downloading, go to your Downloads folder and run StickReaderSetup.exe.

Mobile Apps

EID Connect is a mobile application that links to a Shearwell stick reader by Bluetooth, no phone signal required. Create groups, scan tags, add comments or download groups of tags saved on the stick reader.

Shearwell's EID Connect app links an SDL440S EID Stick Reader to an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Shearwell's EID Connect app links an SDL400S or SDL440S EID Stick Reader to your Android device.