A Shearwell tag applicator has two jaws that hold the tag in the correct position as you squeeze the handles together to tag a sheep. The top (round part) of the tag sits in a round space in one jaw, and the bottom (square part) of the tag is seated in the square space in the bottom jaw.

The top and bottom jaws of the applicator are replaceable so that you don’t need to throw away your applicator because the tag jaws have changed. The old jaws are green; the new jaws are black.

You should receive a set of new black jaws for your tag applicator with your first order of SET tags. These jaws are inserts that are easy to install – remove the two screws that hold the green jaws in place, pop out the green inserts, and fit the new black inserts in their place. Secure the new black inserts with the two screws.

You must replace both the top and bottom jaws or tagging will be very difficult if not impossible!

1. Remove the top and bottom screws.

2. Pull out the green jaw inserts.

3. Slide the new black jaw inserts into place.

4. Replace the two screws. Your applicator is now ready for use.